The Collective + Extended Family:

Air-Sea Dolphin
Always Red Society
Thee American Revolution
The Apples in Stereo
Black Swan Network
Chocolate USA
Circulatory System
Clay Bears
Dixie Blood Mustache
Dressy Bessy
Elf Power
Essex Green
Fable factory
Faster Circuits
Frosted Ambassador
The Gerbils
Great Lakes
A Hawk And A Hacksaw
High Water Marks
The Instruments
Ladybug Transistor
The Late B.P. Helium
Major Organ and the Adding Machine
The Marbles
Marshmallow Coast
Marta Tennae
Midget and Hairs
The Minders
The Music Tapes
Neutral Milk Hotel
of Montreal
Olivia Tremor Control
Orchestre Fantastique
The Patient
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t
Scott Spillane EXP
Secret Square
Sunshine Fix
Synthetic Flying Machine
Thimble Circus
Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra
Von Hemmling