The Gerbils launch kickstarter campaign

For the 21st anniversary of their debut album, Are You Sleepy, The Gerbils + Elephant 6 are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to reissue the record on vinyl. The 1998 vinyl has been out-of-print almost 2 decades and was originally only available in a limited LP pressing by the British label Earworm. While they did successfully reach their fundraising goal, there are still 2 weeks left on the campaign and you can pre-order a record by going to their Kickstarter page.

The Minders reach crowdfunding goal

Congratulations to The Minders for reaching the crowdfunding goal! Their kickstarter campaign to reissue their classic debut album, Hooray for Tuesday, has ended successfully. It’s the 20th anniversary of the album originally released in 1998. The album will be pressed on vinyl with a gatefold sleeve and extra tracks. The records are currently slated to ship on October.